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Plasma Pen

Plasma Pen is one of the latest innovations in deep skin rejuvenation. This modernized treatment is designed to trigger collagen production while instantly tightening loose skin. This amazing treatment is great for anyone who's concerned about fine lines such as crows feet, nasal labial folds, forehead lines, and sagging skin on the neck and body. It is a client favorite for tightening post-pregnancy bellies! Like many of the other treatments we offer, Plasma Pen uses a unique approach to creating trauma to the skin. By creating a Plasma Arc between the body's natural electric field and the device, the skin is instantly resurfaced and the tissue underneath is heated to promote collagen production. This controlled wound helps us treat many problem areas quickly and efficiently. This powerful and effective treatment is a great option for anyone looking to lift, tighten and correct early signs of aging and damaged skin. 

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Commonly asked questions

What is plasma?

Plasma is often considered the fourth state of matter, after solid, liquid, and gas. A Plasma Arc is created through the connection between your body's electrical field and the treatment device, instantly resurfacing the top layer of the skin through the process of sublimation.

Can my skin benefit from Plasma Pen?

While this treatment is most commonly used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, tighten skin and shrink enlarged pores, we are seeing a rise in people using Plasma Pen for preventative measures. Plasma Pen is a great way to refresh your skin and complexion. Most commonly treated areas include around the eyes, eyelids, neck, chest, and even the stomach! Plasma Pen can instantly remove skin tags and minimize acne scars, age spots and stretch marks. 

Plasma Pen is not safe for those with darker skin tones, however we offer many resurfacing treatments that are!

How does Plasma Pen fibroblast treatment work?

The Plasma Pen device is a precisely crafted handheld machine that harnesses energy to create an electrostatic connection between the device's electrode and your skin - without ever touching you directly! When held approximately a millimeter from the skin’s surface, the device creates a small stream of energy (a plasma arc) in reaction to your body’s own electrical charge.

Every time this stream of energy makes contact with your skin, a tiny controlled wound is created. The result is instant tightening around the wound and heating of the deep tissue underneath. After the treatment is completed it is vital to keep the area dry until all "scabbed" marks naturally fall off. 

This luxury treatment will stimulate collagen production for months following your treatment. 

Is Plasma Pen painful?

Everyone’s pain threshold is different and we do our best to make sure all treatment are as comfortable as possible. We use a generous amount of medical grade numbing cream prior to your treatment, and also offer Nitrous Oxide (commonly known as Laughing Gas) to ease any treatment anxiety!

How long do the results from a Plasma Pen treatment last?

Depending on the severity of the concerns, most clients only need one treatment to achieve lasting results! We require a consultation to discuss your individual case and build a custom treatment plan to ensure the best outcomes.

How long does a Plasma Pen treatment take to heal?

Aftercare is simple, however it is very important to follow. Keep the area dry until all signs of your Plasma Pen treatment are gone and all fibroblast marks have naturally fallen off (these will look like small scabs and will fall off in the same way). You must avoid all exfoliations during the healing process. This usually takes 7-10 days but can exceed 14 days in some cases. You may resume your regular skincare routine after all the "dots" have fallen off, but must avoid prolonged sun exposure for 4 weeks.

Are there any side effects?

There are always mild risks with any treatment. The most common side effects reported are mild swelling, dryness, itchiness and redness. Our highly skilled staff perform this treatment only on those who have been deemed safe. In rare cases, or if aftercare isn't precisely followed, then the following risks may occur: hypo or hyperpigmentation, infection, and scarring. 

Can I do Plasma Pen instead of Botox?

While Plasma Pen fibroblast treatments are now being considered as an alternative to Botox, we do not agree with this. Plasma Pen, like other resurfacing treatments, treat the skin and stimulate collagen and elastin. Botox is a product that when injected into a muscle, temporarily paralyzes the muscle, preventing the skin from moving/creating creases in that area. Depending on the severity of the muscle movement and skin reaction, Botox is often still necessary and for this reason Plasma Pen is not an alternative. 


Eye - Full eye around crows feet and eyelids. - $650 

Glabella - $250

Upper Lip - $500

Chin area - $500

Forehead - $600

Full Face - $2,000

Nasal Labial Folds - $350

Neck - $1,200

Chest - $1,500

Breast Lift - $3,000

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