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The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide

Whether you're shopping for your own mom or simply the mom of the friend group, we've got you covered.

The new mom in your life is probably thinking about herself last. She may be (understandably) behind on her skincare routine and needing a bit of a boost. You are going to get serious brownie points for gifting her an afternoon of babysitting and a Deluxe Hydrofacial!

This treatment is customized to each client's needs, is exfoliating & hydrating, and seriously luxurious.

We know she's out at the CO breweries with her pooch, and let's be honest, she may or may not be wearing SPF. But you love her and how she makes poop bags a fashion statement - So you're going to get her an IPL for all that sun damage and a fresh bottle of Elta MD SPF!

IPL is proven to lift sun damage and treat broken capillaries. It's quick, no downtime, and seriously effective! Picking up our favorite SPF will be icing on the cake.

You know her, you love her, you can't seem to get on her calendar to save your life. This mom is out there doing it all and you know what she doesn't have time for? SHAVING. So you're going to get a big promotion by treating her to Laser Hair Removal.

Purchase more and save big with our package discounts!

For the ~natural~ mom who would rather meditate her way out of aging, you're going to surprise her with a biodynamic String Matrix Treatment! Don't forget to add some extra spending money she can use on our organic skincare products from Eminence Organics and Saturn's Daughter Apothecary.

This amazing service utilizes the body's own healing response to naturally firm and plump the skin - results last YEARS!

She's an icon, a legend, and only mildly fed up with you texting your ex. As a way to say "thanks for getting me into the uber" it's time to give some love to the mom of the friend group with a gift card to use on anything her heart desires.

We know she's the one who can make the decision anyways.


Gifting is hard work so don't forget to treat yourself, too!

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