PRP (Platelet-Rich-Plasma) Therapy utilizes injections or the topical application of a patient’s blood platelets to heal & rejuvenate. This treatment uses a patient's own healing system to improve cellular turnover, stimulate circulation, and promote collagen production. Not only do we offer topical PRP Therapy, but our unique approach to PRP injections builds a level of collagen and volume rivaling Dermal Filler... and the results are more satisfying than the Vampire Facial!

PRP Therapy is performed by drawing one to three tubes of your own blood. This is done in the comfort and luxury of our office prior to your treatment. Once extracted, it's processed through a state of the art centrifuge to concentrate the platelets and separate red blood cells. These activated platelets are then either applied topically during a Microneedle or Venus Viva treatment, or injected in areas like the tear-troughs or cheeks for volume, or even the hair line to stimulate hair growth! When you reintroduce these growth factors into the body, they stimulate circulation and increase the number of reparative cells your body produces. Think about all the new collagen this creates! 

PRP Hair Restoration

Many factors contribute to thinning hair among men and women. For those who are experiencing this problem and looking for thicker, fuller hair, PRP Therapy can deliver impressive and long lasting results. 

This process involves a series of PRP injections in the areas of your scalp where thinning is most pronounced. Once the extracted PRP is introduced into your tissues, the release of growth factors increases circulation around hair follicles, which triggers the creation of new cells, repairs damaged follicles. This leads to thicker and fuller hair! 


Depending on the surface area being treated will determine the amount of PRP necessary. You can expect up to a 30% increase in hair growth per treatment. A series of treatments is required  to achieve the full benefit of PRP hair restoration. Because both growth & repair operate in cycles, it will take several weeks before you see a marked improvement in the regrowth of your hair.


Facials w/ Topical PRP

Our premier PRP Facials use one of 2 state of the art Microneedle devices to deliver PRP to the deeper layers of your skin. Microneedle alone is an evolutionary treatment for anti-aging and repair, but combining Microneedle with PRP will leave your skin looking more refreshed than you could ever imagine. Being the most sought out and effective skincare treatment on the market, we promise you'll be rushing back for more. The benefit of PRP Facials are countless and include everything from reducing fine lines and pore size, to lightening sun damage and soothing chronic inflammation. See the glow PRP Facials can get you and book yours now!

Microneedle w/PRP $549

Venus Viva w/PRP $725

PRP Facial Injections

PRP Facial injections are perfect for those who aren't quite ready for dermal fillers and who want to turn back their aging clock and build upon their natural beauty. Already have dermal filler? PRP injections are also great for enhancing them. When using to enhance filler we recommend scheduling your PRP halfway between your next dermal filler appointment. PRP injections are most commonly used for dark circles under the eyes and for collagen stimulation in the cheeks. 

These flawless results are noticeable almost instantly and are recommended 2-3 times a year for optimal results and maintenance.

1-3 tubes recommended per treatment

Microneedle w/PRP Injections 

Combine your PRP Facial Injections with a full face Microneedle treatment for the most dramatic and long lasting results. Allow the gently resurfacing Microneedle treatment to enhance the glow of your skin while our Master Injector builds collagen from the inside out with specifically palces PRP injections. The outcome is perfectly flawless. 

$600/1 tube $950/2 tubes